Can I use Top Tax?

Top Tax Pilot Program

What is Top Tax?

Top Tax is an online US tax preparation program designed specifically for US citizens and Green Card holders that live outside the United States.

Top Tax makes it easy to accurately prepare your own US tax return in minutes and electronically file it with the IRS.

What is the Top Tax Pilot Program?

Top Tax is brand new and we’re looking for clients to test it out. 

It’s been thoroughly tested internally and now it’s time to let real clients use it.

Why should I join the Pilot Program?

You’ll get a US tax return that’s been thoroughly checked by our IRS-licensed tax specialists. 

You’ll pay a fraction of the price typically charged for a US international tax return.

What’s the catch?

Ultimately, we want your feedback. How easy was it to use? How was your experience? What could we do to make it easier?

We’ll ask you to complete a short user experience questionnaire after your tax return has been filed.

During our pilot phase, Top Tax will be limited to people;

  • That have been living outside the US for at least 330 days
  • With employee income under $100,000
  • Bank interest

During this pilot program, Top Tax will prepare US tax returns using the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion only.

If you have other sources of income or want to claim Foreign Tax Credits, please contact

At this early stage, we’re limiting the complexity of the tax returns that Top Tax will handle.

Clients with the following filing requirements can’t use Top Tax just yet:

  • Company ownership
  • Commercial partnership
  • Rental properties
  • Self-employment
  • Foreign Tax Credits
  • Dividends
  • Capital Gains
  • Crypto trading
  • Income over $100,000


If any of these income types apply to you, please contact

Clients using our Pilot Program will be asked to pay US$67 for their US tax return to be prepared and e-filed*.

*Where e-filing is possible.

Not yet, but the FBAR feature will be added later in 2024.

If you need to file an FBAR, it’s easy to do it yourself – use this guide:

Yes! Top Tax is built on the trusted Azure platform that is owned and managed by Microsoft. 

Top Tax is owned by the Expat US Tax group and is supported by the team at with over 100 team members across the world.

All Top Tax Pilot clients will have a dedicated email address directly to the manager of the pilot program.

Yes! If we can’t prepare your US tax return or you don’t like using the platform, we’ll provide a full refund. Please tell us before your tax return is prepared.

If you receive an IRS notice and there is a problem with a calculation or a preparation error we’ll take care of it. 

Typically, we’ll prepare a response for you and ask you to send it to the IRS.