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Filing US taxes from abroad can be difficult and expensive, but we’ve made it fast, easy and super-low cost.

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With our solution, expat tax filing is straightforward and hassle-free. Dive into a seamless tax experience designed for US citizens and Green Card holders who don’t live in the United States.


Why use Top Tax?

Prepare your US tax return in less than 10 minutes…

Top Tax helps US citizens, and Green Card holders that don’t live in the United States file US tax returns. Filing US taxes from abroad can be difficult, but we’ve made it as easy as can be with a price tag to match!

Tailored for Expats

Crafted exclusively for US citizens living abroad, our software understands the unique challenges and nuances of expat taxation, ensuring you're always compliant.

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With a user-friendly design, the software guides you seamlessly through the filing process, making tax returns less daunting and more efficient.

Max Deductions

Our platform is designed to help you leverage every applicable deduction and credit, ensuring you get the most from your return.

Automatic Updates

Stay current with the ever-changing tax laws. Our software auto-updates to reflect the latest regulations, keeping you ahead and compliant without any extra effort.



1040 Tax Return

For people living outside the United States
$ 67
  • Form 1040 Federal Return
  • Form 2555 FEIE
  • Plus 35 common IRS forms
  • IRS e-filing

How much is it?

We don’t increase your fees as you complete our tax questionnaire. It’s $67 for everyone, whether you need every form we offer, or just a handful. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Child Tax Credit?

The Child Tax Credit (CTC) is a refundable credit that reduces a family’s tax liability by a predetermined amount for each qualifying child. If the credit reduces the total tax due below zero, the difference is refunded to the taxpayer(s). This credit is phased out for high-income earners and has been increased for certain situations in 2021.

When you live abroad, the process of filing your US income tax return can be extremely stressful. It’s difficult enough to figure out which forms you need to fill out before you get started on the international tax treaty, exchange rates, pension/retirement accounts, and local bank accounts.

This article is ideal if you’re just getting started learning about filing US tax returns from abroad.

We’ve simplified the complex in order to make it easier to understand.

What is the Streamlined Tax Amnesty Program?

Many U.S. citizens living abroad are unaware they are legally obligated to file an annual U.S. federal tax return. Others have been filing them incorrectly with essential details missing, such as non-US income, pensions and retirement accounts. These people have a chance to become U.S. tax compliant once more, risk-free, via the IRS Streamlined Tax Amnesty program.

Filing your own FBAR can save you money and it’s quite easy to do.

Once you’ve done it once or twice, you’ll be able to file your FBAR in 15-30 minutes.

Here’s our help guide to filing your own FBAR.

The US government has income tax treaties with various foreign countries to avoid double taxation. An income tax treaty is also called a Double Tax Agreement (DTA), or a totalization agreement.

It’s an important question and the answer can differ depending on your individual circumstances.

The decision on how to treat your foreign spouse for income tax purposes is an essential part of tax planning. We will cover what it means if your spouse has a green card or is otherwise considered a resident alien and if your spouse is considered a nonresident alien for US tax purposes.

Stay informed about US tax matters that affect those living outside of the United States.

Stay ahead of the curve. We provide the latest US expat tax topics, ensuring you never miss an essential update.

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