Can I give up my US citizenship from Saudi Arabia?

Yes, you can renounce your US citizenship in Saudi Arabia by following immigration and tax procedures, paying a fee, and ensuring your US tax returns for the past five years are filed. If your net worth exceeds $2,000,000, you may face an exit tax.

What are the steps to renounce citizenship?

  • Legal and Immigration Procedures: Start the process at a US consulate or embassy and pay the $2,350 fee.
  • Tax Obligations: File US tax returns for the five years preceding renunciation and a dual-status tax return for the year of renunciation.

What is the exit tax?

The exit tax applies if your net worth exceeds $2,000,000 or if your average annual US tax liability over the past five years is above certain thresholds.

What if I don’t have a social security number?

US citizens in Saudi Arabia without a Social Security number can use a special relief program to file tax returns when renouncing citizenship, provided they meet specific criteria.

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